Hollowgasts, or hollows, are a 'species' of creatures that was spawned from the infamous Experiment of 1908. Formerly peculiars led by Jack 'Caul' Bentham, hollowgasts are terrifying creatures who seek to consume peculiars, but will still eat anything in their path. Being invisible to most humans and peculiars, voracious and without humanity, they serve as the antagonists in the Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children trilogy.

Origins Editar

In a bid to eliminate aging without the need for loops, a group of rogue peculiars led by Jack 'Caul' Bentham entered an old, unused loop in the Siberian wastes to perform an experiment in 1908. As intended by Caul's

Creation Editar

In 1908 a group of rogue peculiars, led by Caul Bentham, entered an old, unused loop in the Siberian wastes in the hope of becoming immortal so that they might truly cheat death, rather than just delay it. However, their experiment failed, destroying a large area of land and the group were presumed dead. Several weeks later peculiars living near the site of experiment began to disappear. It was soon discovered that the rogue peculiars had not died but had become something else entirely, they became known as Hollowgasts.

One theory among peculiars is that the rogue group, in attempting to reverse their own aging process had reversed themselves to a point before their souls had been conceived, hence the name Hollowgast. There on they proceed to hunt peculiar children.

Known Hollowgasts Editar

  • Malthus
  • The Rogue Hollow

Description Editar

Hollowgasts crave and feed upon the souls of peculiars, if they consume enough they become Wights. They are only seen as a shadow to all which is why they also tend to hunt at night, as the darkness hides their shadow but a select few peculiars, such as Jacob Portman and his grandfather, Abraham Portman can see the Hollows. A hollow is seen to have tentacles inside its mouth and is taller than an average human. A Hollowgast must consume peculiar souls. They can eat as many Coerlfolc souls as they want but they cannot become wights by taking only Coerlfolc souls.