Cairnholm is a fictional island located in Wales and the main setting of the story. There are two settings of Cairnholm in the story, which are Present-Day Cairnholm, and the Cairnholm Loop/Past.

Cairnholm's Location Editar

Jacob learns of Cairnholm when he finds a letter to his deceased grandfather Abraham Portman to Miss Peregrine. Though he did not find a proper return address, Jacob did find a fading postmark reading "Cairnholm Is., Cymru, UK." Jacob figures that Cairnholm might have been the island where his grandfather lived as a boy, and that it was near Wales because Cymru means Wales and Is means that it was an Island. The town/village called Carinholm is exclaimed to be gloomy and bleak. As there are large ranges of green land also a fishing depot and harbor, patchwork of sheep fields, white washed cottages, enormous mountains, small grid filled with muddy streets, shrinking population, a old museum, and hotel called The Priest Hole.

Present-Day Cairnholm Editar

Present-day Cairnholm is the second setting of the story, where Miss Peregrine's home only exists as a ruined house. P.D. Cairnholm is also where Jacob and his father travel to.

Characters in Present-Day CairnholmEditar sección Editar

  • Franklin Portman
  • Martin Pagett
  • Dylan
  • Worm
  • Kev
  • Fishmonger

Locations in Present-Day Cairnholm Editar

  • Priest Hole
  • Fishmonger's
  • Cairnholm's Museum

Cairnholm Past Editar

Cairnholm Past is seen as Miss Peregrine's loop of September 3, 1940. It is the third setting of the story where Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is located. It's where all the peculiar children reside.

Characters in Cairnholm Past Editar

  • Miss Peregrine
  • Bronwyn Bruntly
  • Claire Densmore
  • Emma Bloom
  • Enoch O'Connor
  • Fiona
  • Horace
  • Hugh
  • Millard Nullings
  • Olive
  • Victor Bruntly 

Locations in Cairnholm Past Editar

  • Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

Other Facts Editar

  • Mentioned wildlife of the island includes Manx Shearwaters.